Work in Progress

Social Protection Responses to Forced Displacement in Colombia, joint with the Overseas Development Institute. [Blog post]

Wages and Political Selection in Colombia, with Leonardo Bonilla-Mejía, Erika Londoño, and Kevin Mojica.

The Economic Consequences of Divorce and Separation for Women in Colombia, with Ángela Guarín.

Building trust through an SMS intervention to encourage attendance to early childhood services in Colombia, with Juanita Ruiz-Contreras, Natalia Iriarte Tovar, Oscar Ivan Pineda Diaz, María Fernanda Rodríguez Camacho, and Juan Sebastian Cifuentes [Pre-Analysis Plan].

Police Interactions with Youth at Risk: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Honduras, with Michael Weintraub, Javier Osorio, and Reynaldo Rojo.

How Does Relaxing Presidential Term Limits Affect Voting Behavior and Attitudes towards Democracy?