Work in Progress

The School-to-Work Transition in Latin America (includes country studies for Colombia and Honduras).

When money can’t buy better health: The association between social pensions with health and health-related behaviors in Colombia, with Philipp Hessel, Lina Bermeo, Laura Lopez, Monica Pinilla-Roncancio, and Catalina Gonzalez-Uribe.

Improving Access to Justice in Violent Contexts through Community Participation, with Javier Osorio, Reynaldo Rojo, and Michael Weintraub.

Estimating Economic Mobility with Cross-Sections using Machine Learning and Multiple Imputation Methods: A Validation Exercise with Panel Data, with Leonardo Lucchetti and Paul A. Corral-Rodas.

How Does Relaxing Presidential Term Limits Affect Voting Behavior and Attitudes towards Democracy?


Working Papers/Policy documents

Are there Ethnic Inequality Traps in Education? Empirical Evidence for Brazil and Chile” with Marcelo Bérgolo, Adriana Conconi, and Guillermo Cruces. PMMA Working Paper 2012-05, Partnership for Economic Policy. (Policy Brief here).

Scarring Effects of Youth Unemployment and Informality: Evidence from Argentina and Brazil” with Guillermo Cruces and Mariana Viollaz.

Labor Market Flexibility in Latin America: Past Reforms and Future Perspectives” with Guillermo Cruces. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean Project Document No. 291.

A Social Protection Floor for Latin America: Fiscal Costs and Social Impact” with Leonardo Gasparini, Facundo Crosta, Francisco Haimovich, Beatriz Alvarez, and Raúl Sanchez. CEDLAS Working Paper Series No. 71, July, National University of La Plata, in Spanish.