How does information on the net benefits of college affect the demand for higher education in a developing country? – Bogotá, Colombia (2013).

Leonardo Bonilla, Nicolas Bottan, and I received a research grant from the Department of Economics at the University of Illinois to study whether providing information on the benefits and costs of college to Colombian students affects their higher education enrollment choices. Recent research has shown that imperfect information and incorrect beliefs may affect how individuals make educational choices, especially among the poor. We test the relevance of this problem for public school students deciding whether to attend college in Bogotá, Colombia. Click here for the published article or working paper.

Does an intervention aimed at bartenders affect alcohol-related violence within and around their establishments? – Bogotá, Colombia (2018).

As part of a public-private partnership between the Secretariat of Coexistence, Justice and Security of Bogotá, Fundación Bavaria, and the School of Government at Universidad de los Andes, we study whether the effectiveness of a program that provides materials and training to bartenders. The intervention was designed to achieve two objectives: i) provide bartenders with standardized practices that promote responsible alcohol consumption among their patrons, and ii) give information and strategies to bartenders on how to defuse conflicts that may result in alcohol-related incidents within and around their bars. Click here for the report (in Spanish) and the working paper.